Monday, December 19, 2011


Clear those nasal passages!

I have been sick for two weeks. I have missed more than a week of classes and in my infectious stupor I have tried to cure myself with the following:

1. Coffee (I drank so much I ended up with an eye twitch).

2. $500 worth of shoes from ($285 returned).

3. Massive doses of wool (made me sneeze).

4. Hot bath (fell asleep and woke up a prune in tepid water).

5. Spicy shin ramen once a day.

Out of all five, I'd say the ramen was my only cure. It makes me nose run and opens up my sinues. For about an hour my ears don't ache. Also, chili is anti-bacterial, so I inhale the spicy vapors while it's too hot to eat.

I was so tired on Friday night that I went to put lotion on my hands before going to sleep, but fell asleep without pulling the covers on and with the blob of lotion still in my right hand. About an hour later I woke up shivering and went to pull the covers on. Instead, I smearing cold jasmine-scented lotion all over my sheet and my face. Nice.

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