Monday, December 19, 2011


Whenever I see WIPs (Works In Progress) on the internets I always hear "wimps" in my head. WIPs that are limping along, mayhap abandoned for newer, more sexy projects. Are those the voices in my head whispering "wimp?" Nah.

WIMP no. 1: Ma'mon's Everyday Cardigan. Peace Fleece design, Bartlett yarns Glen Tweed 2-ply, color Dark Lovat. Currently the body is complete and one sleeve is done. Like my sexy increases? Yeah, me either. Hopefully blocking will smooth out the lumpiness.

My alterations were neck shaping and lengthening the body to mid-hip length. My mother likes roomy clothes, versus my preference for body-concious designs. Since this is her gift (for erm, Christmas), I will make it as she likes. Currently I am drinking a lot of Sambuca because I'VE RUN OUT OF YARN. That's right, people. And here's the rub: the shop I bought the skeins from is sold out. So I ordered two skeins from the manufacturer, and put in the comments, "If you have any Dark Lovat in dye lot no. 783, you could save the world from one more alcoholic knitter." Because drunken knitting is an embarrassment to behold.

WIMP no. 2: Sean's raglan jumper. Design formula from Ann Budd'sHandy Book of Sweater Patterns. I had this jumper all knitted up for Christmas day and gave it to Sean, me brother. Apparently Sean has just GROWN by LEAPS and BOUNDS at age TWENTY. The body of the sweater was eight inches too short, and the sleeves five inches too short. It looked like he was wearing his primary school clothes. Frogging commenced after a Christmas morning Mimosa. See a pattern here? Reference WIMP no. 1, last sentence.

WIMP no. 3: Grandpa's scarf; 2x2 rib, Misti Alpaca marled sportweight, two of four balls knitted. Also Christmas gift. Gift was given still on the needles. I tried to convince Gramps the needles were a design feature. He didn't fall for it. Jeez, I'm a slacker.

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