Monday, December 19, 2011

This is not the hotel room I expect for 89 GBP.

WTF? I am having the most difficult time finding a hotel that I can afford, that has a private bathroom, and isn't a shithole. I know London is expensive. I've been there before, and I stayed in a hostel. Guess what? I'm not a hostel person, and I don't want to repeat my experience. But I think I should be able to find a decent room somewhere outside of the centre of the city proper that isn't in bloody Hampstead Heath. Not that there's anything wrong with Hampstead Heath.

The most recent hotel I've investigated, Mayflower Hotel, looks so appealing. Five minutes from the tube! Fresh fruit juice! Merino blankets! Gnomes! But then I read their TripAdvisor reviews. Oy. "The back of the hotel faces the tube station, so one hears the screeching wheels and the windows vibrate every five minutes." Who to trust: the swanzy website, or the grumpy travelers? Hmm...

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